On average, people spend 1/3 of our lifetime for sleeping. We all know that "a deep sleep" is the main factor contributing to good health. However, the quality of sleeping can be affected by many factors, including the cleanliness of the bed itself. Every night, we unintentionally breathe bacteria and dust mites which live in our own mattress. Unfortunately, these "dust mites" become the no.1 factor causing allergy to people. According to medical statistics, 60% of Thai populations, particularly 80% of Thai children, are diagnosed as being allergic. We provide the cleaning service aiming to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the households which will, in turn, reduce the number of allergic people.


NCS is an expert having a long experience for cleaning mattress. We provide the cleaning service by using the safest and the most effective imported machine to totally remove dust mites and bacteria from your mattress and coach.
Our service procedure is approved by certificates from national and international organizations that work on allergy. We guarantee that 100% allergens will be removed after receiving our service. We do not ask for your believe as you can prove it by your own eyes. You can feel the difference since our first time service. Additionally, all of our staff members are well-trained to assure that they have good manner and service-mind. We confidentially claim that quality and customers' satisfaction are our priorities.

OUR CERTIFICATE AND TOOLS CERTIFICATE Our service procedure and cleaning tools achieve many national and international standards.

Dust-mite Research Center

Processes and procedures of NCS tested by Dust-mite Research Center that we can reduce 100% of allergens after operated.


AHAM :AHAM’s Certification Program have been certified and verified by an independent laboratory, assuring consumers that the product will per- form according to the manufacturer’s product claims for suggested room size and the reduction of three common household particulates: tobacco smoke, dust and pollen


CRI :CRI combines the indoor air quality protection of its Green Label vacuum program with enhanced cleaning standards of its Seal of Approvalprograms to identify even better performing vacuum cleaners than the pre- vious program. Under the Seal of Approval/Green Label vacuum program, manufacturers must meet higher performance standards and are rewarded.


AAFA :The certification standard utilizes an algorithm of proprie- tary and recognized scientific techniques to assess vacuum cleaners for their ability to reduce allergenic and irritant materials.