Dust Mites Cleaning


DUST MITE The body size of dust mites is about 0.1-0.3 mm. which cannot be observed by human naked eyes. Better keep yourself and your love away from dust mites. Habitat Dust mites prefer to live in a temperature range of 25-30 °C (77°F) and a relative humidity of 75-80 percent. Dust mites prefer live […]



Allergy Questions & Answers Allergies are on the rise all around the globe, including in Thailand. They occur when our immune system reacts to allergic substances in the environment. Different people may be allergic to different substances. On the other hand, the same allergic substance may cause different allergic symptoms at different degree of severity. […]

Remove Dust Mites


Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Dust-Mites and Avoid Dust-mites House cleaning is a very important thing to do. Especially you bedroom, you have to keep it in perfect appearance, as it is where you will sleep every night. Ignoring it will not be a suggestion. You should start from preventing house dust mites. If […]

Health Effects of a Dirty Mattress

7 ภัยร้ายใกล้ตัวที่ตาดไม่ถึง

These 7 Horrible Things Will Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Bed And Sofa Keeping your house clean is something that you should never ignore, especially bed and sofa, as you have to use these two things everyday. To be precise, your body almost attach to them. And, do yo have any idea what will […]

Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner


3 Easy Steps of How to Choose A Perfect Vacuum Cleaner There have been being mountains of commercial advertisements that try to tell consumers the qualifications of vacuum cleaners. There is no wonder why many people love to use these things more than cleaning houses with their bare hands. Yes. Vacuum cleaners are convenient tools. […]

Self Cleaning Sofa


Sofas… they’re one of the few home furnitures that need to be consistently and thoroughly cleaned. There are a million ways to clean one, depending on the material of course. Today, we introduce proper ways to clean a fabric sofa. Cleaning fabric sofas requires care. They are easily ripped when compared to their leather counterparts. […]

Do anti-mite sheets really work?


Do they actually prevent dust mites? Will there still be dust underneath those sheets and in your mattress? We have the answers. There are two kinds of anti-mite sheets: Type 1: Nano-molecularly coated Type 2: Woven with thick and extremely fine fibers Type 1: Nano-molecularly-coated sheets Most anti-mite sheets in the market are Nano molecularly […]