OUR SERVICE The service procedures of NCS are certified that 100% of allergens are removed after operated.

According to medical treatment, people who are allergic cannot be 100% cured. The most effective way to treat allergy is to stay away from any allergic stimuli. You cannot deny that your own mattress and couch carry lots of those allergic stimuli, however, it is very difficult to clean by yourselves.

NCS brings the best innovation from USA & UK

We provide innovative cleaning service to remove dust mites and allergens from your mattress and couch. The outcome can be proven by your own naked eyes, not just the feeling or imagination. Many people can afford the high quality and expensive equipment, nevertheless, they do not have sufficient time or much effort to do it by themselves. All may become useless.It is the time to protect you and your family. Let NCS to responsible to these duties and take care you and who you love.