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Dust Mites and Stain Removal Service on Mattress and Sofa

For Restaurants, hotels and corporates

Say goodbye to these dirty problems

and so many more.

As there are so many customers sharing the same mattress and sofa over time without specialized cleaning and sanitizing, mattress and sofa unavoidably contain bedbugs, dust mites and stains. These may cause allergic to customers or they may have negative attitude towards your business. Unluckily, if that customer review on social media, it will directly discredit your cooperate.

IGNORING to clean mattress and sofa

will damage your customers and your business

Many corporates noticed that the problem when it was too late. They were complained by customers regarding the cleanliness which leads to shutting down the company.

“Because “CLEANLINESS” is a brand image”

Why NCS?

Equipment & Team

Our equipment and our team is certified by standard organization in Thailand and USA.


More than 8 years of experience and more than 30 thousands customers all over the country.


Only 1 company in Thailand that guarantees customer satisfaction

Special Offer

Special “price” for restaurants, hotels and corporates.

Brand Image

By choosing us, you also create your brand image and delivery best experience to your customers.

Cleaning Process


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If you are running a hotel, restaurant or corporate, please do not hesitate to contact us for quotation and free testing.

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