Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner

3 Easy Steps of How to Choose A Perfect Vacuum Cleaner


There have been being mountains of commercial advertisements that try to tell consumers the qualifications of vacuum cleaners. There is no wonder why many people love to use these things more than cleaning houses with their bare hands. Yes. Vacuum cleaners are convenient tools. We can use them to get rid of dust and those disgusting house dust mites. Some people even enjoy using vacuum cleaners so much that they pay more attention to house care. However, let’s get to the point. In case you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, do you have any idea of how to choose a quality one? A vacuum cleaner is not a cheap thing, but it costs quite money. Therefore, you have to be very cautious and choose them carefully. If you still don’t know how, that doesn’t matter. Here, we already have ‘3 easy steps of how to choose a perfect vacuum cleaner’ for you. Let’s take a look.

Step 1: The Power


This is the most important factor to be considered. A good vacuum cleaner should have 20,000+ RPM motor. With higher power of motor, it will be able to suck more dust and house dust mites. If you especially want a vacuum cleaner to clean your bed or soft sofa, you have to realize that you may need a big one. And a big one may be quite expensive. As motors used for this type of vacuum cleaner are usually in medium and large sizes. Therefore, they cannot be put into small machines. The vacuum cleaner that you choose should also be able to work continuously for 6-8 houses. If it shut down within a few hours, then leave it behind and grab a better one instead. Always remember, a poor-quality vacuum cleaner is not going to help you with your chore at all.

Step 2: The Ability

Your vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be able to suck dust only, but they should be able to hit your bed and sofa too. Do you know why some people hit their blankets during sun drying? Because that will get rid more house dust mites. When a hard object impacts a soft material like a blanker, all dust and dirty things inside will come out.


Step 3: The Storage


You should also see how much your vacuum cleaner can store dust. Believe it, you don’t want to walk to your bin too often. That will be too annoying.

You vacuum cleaner shouldn’t have an ordinary dust bag, as it is not quality enough to store tiny-sized dust.

On top of that, you may want to look for a one with HEPA Filter, in case you want a filter-type cleaner.

At last but not least, you should by a vacuum cleaner with a certificate only, or you will not be able to get it fixed when it’s broken down.