Remove Dust Mites

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Dust-Mites and Avoid Dust-mites

House cleaning is a very important thing to do. Especially you bedroom, you have to keep it in perfect appearance, as it is where you will sleep every night. Ignoring it will not be a suggestion. You should start from preventing house dust mites. If you don’t, you will find those disgusting house dust mites hidden in your bed. Eew! That is not good at all. Therefore, today we want to present you some easy ways to protect your bedroom from these creatures. Let’s see what you can do.

4 ways to get rid of dust mites

First ways

Always change your blanket

pillow case, and bed sheet. Even you use them to pretect your bed, but if you leave them without cleaning for weeks or months, surely house dust mites will love that. Your bed is full of your sweat, falling hair, or dandruff all the time. Therefore, be sure to change these 3 things regularly.

Second ways

You should find some times to dry your pillow in the sun

as the sun can kill all bacteria and other dirty things. Beside, the heat from the sun can prevent house dust mites from growing.

Third ways

Use a whisk to hit your bed sheet, pillow case

and blanket during their sun-drying, in order to completely get rid of house dust mites.

Fourth ways

If you have a vacuum cleaner

just use it to clean your bed. But a vaccum cleaner you use should be in high quality. It may be a little bit expensive. But if you can get one, then get it. It still perfectly cleans house dust mites anyway.

4 ways to avoid dust and dust-mites

dustmites cleaning

Try not to decorate your bedroom with carpet

as it is easy for house dust mites to attach to.

You shouldn’t use too many decorations

especially dolls or something like that, to decorate you bedroom. Also, you should throw all things that you don’t need away, for instances, old computers, books, rugged chairs etc. If you let your bedroom full of unnecessary things, it will cause your cleaning difficulties and house dust mites will grow easily.

You shouldn’t close windows or door all the time. On the contrary

you should leave them open occasionally, in order to let the air circulates and the sunlight comes in. However, if your house is located near a big street, you should never open windows, as there will be too much pollution. In that case, just open the door of your bedroom instead.

Lastly, if you have enough money

you may buy an air cleaner and install it in your bedroom. An air cleaner should be open all the time to completely get rid of all dirty things including those house dust mites. However, you should realise that an air cleaner can cause an inordinate amount of money, as the filter element need to be replaced every 6 or 12 months. Consider everything carefully before you decide to buy one. If everything is OK for you, then don’t hesitate.