Health Effects of a Dirty Mattress

These 7 Horrible Things Will Happen If You Don’t Clean Your Bed And Sofa

7 ภัยร้าย กระทบสุขภาพที่คาดไม่ถึงกับที่นอนสกปรก

Keeping your house clean is something that you should never ignore, especially bed and sofa, as you have to use these two things everyday. To be precise, your body almost attach to them. And, do yo have any idea what will become of yourself and your love ones, if you don’t clean your sofa and bed regularly? Well, let’s see.


First Harmful All members in your family

Including you : will be very unhealthy, if dust get inhale into the lungs. Many dangerous diseases will look for everyone. Therefore, you should wash your blankets, pillow cases, and bed sheets every 6 months.


Second Harmful House dust mites and bacteria can affect your child’s Growth Hormone

Acording : to the research of The University of Aukland, New Zealand, a child with full Growth Hormone can develope their knowledge, IQ, and other abilities better than a child with quite little Growth Hormone.

ผิวพรรณ เหี่ยวยุ่น สมรรถภาพเสื่อม

Third Harmful For girls and women, you will get wrinkles easily

Also, your skin : can look darker. Why? Because, if you let your bed or sofa dirty, then you will not be able to sleep relaxedly. And, if you don’t sleep relaxedly, your Growth Hormone, which is important for your youth, doesn’t work perfectly.


Fourth Harmful You can get fat easily

According! to Heather Stapleton, an environmental chemist from Duke University in North Carolina, dust can stimulate the growth of your fat. Not only that, some kinds of elements in dust can transform into ‘PPAR-gamma1’, a kind of protein that can be found in human body. This protein can help your fat grow faster too.


Fifth Harmful You will get quite a lot of acnes

You know! : if dust stick under your skin, then your skin will be dirty. With dirty skin, acnes will follow you for sure


Sixth Harmful You will possibly never stop snoring

As dust! : can make you breath inconveniently.

ไอ จาม หายใจไม่ออก

Seventh Harmful You will cough too often and get ugly rash spots on your skin

Especially : if you’re allergic, dust can make you feel uncomfortable all the time.