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Do anti-mite sheets really work?

Do they actually prevent dust mites? Will there still be dust underneath those sheets and in your mattress? We have the answers.

mattress sofa cleaning service

There are two kinds of anti-mite sheets:

Type 1: Nano-molecularly coated
Type 2: Woven with thick and extremely fine fibers

Type 1: Nano-molecularly-coated sheets

Most anti-mite sheets in the market are Nano molecularly coated. One of the benefits is that dust mites won’t adhere to them. They’re even water resistant. However, one of the drawbacks is that they’re quite short-lived. If you wash them often, the quality decreases. The coating wears and tears over time and eventually, the sheets lose their value. Typically, these sheets have only 180-200 threads woven into them.

Type 2: Using sheets that have been woven with thick and fine fibers

Using sheets that have been woven with thick and fine fibers. They are usually recommended to have at least 600 threads. One benefit is that it prevents both dust mites and dust particles, thanks to the fineness, thickness and chemical-free fabric itself. One drawback, though, is the relatively high price, compared to their roughly woven counterparts.

Either way, using anti-mite sheets has its advantages and disadvantages.

Every pair of anti-mite sheets prevent dust mites from appearing and building up on the mattress. However, just like a double-edged sword, they also prevent the dust from going down as well. Therefore, you must continuously clean the sheets by washing or dusting them outside. Otherwise, you may be inhaling even more dust than previously.

mattress sofa cleaning service

“One thing you have to keep in mind if you cover your mattress with anti-mite sheets is that germs and dust mites actually lock inside and don’t miraculously disappear. Even worst, these nasty dust mites actually eat their own carcass and excretion to keep spreading”

Hence, using anti-mite sheets are essentially just sweeping things under the rug. You need to clean your mattress and remove those dust mites at least twice a year to ensure that your bed remains spick and span.