Simple D.I.Y. Method for Stain Removal

Mold starts to live on the mattress, what should I do?


As people can sleep more soundly in the dark environment, the mattress is generally placed in the least direct sunlight which in turn causing mold formation on your mattress. If you want to know if your mattress has mold or not, try observing the musty smell from the mattress. If it starts to smell, you can spray disinfectant over the mattress, or mix isopropyl alcohol with warm water and wipe it over the mold. Then carry the mattress outside to directly expose to intense sunlight or vacuum them out from both sides of the mattress.

OMG!!! Unaware of menstruation causing blood stains on the mattress. So difficult to wash out!

As you may know, blood contains a lot of proteins which make it difficult to be cleaned. Many menstrual ladies may have a headache on removing blood stains. These problems will be easy by mixing salt in warm water. Then spray the solution on the blood until soaking and leave it for a while before wiping bloody stain off with a clean cloth. The use of salt contributes to the breakdown of proteins contained in the blood, making the blood stains to be removed much more easily.

In case that the previous method does not work, you can also clean the bloody stains by using baking soda. Mixing a 2:1 ratio of baking soda and water, then spray or apply the solution over the blood stains and leave it for 20-30 minutes. After that, use a wet clean cloth to wipe over the bloody stain until it is completely removed.

Durable urine smell! Urinary stains have been removed, but the smell is still there!!

Long-lasting urine smell on the mattress has been a common problem of many Thai households. But today, this problem will be easily solved. Whenever the urine stain is found on the mattress, try to wipe it off as quickly as you can (If the urine penetrates deep into the inner area of the mattress, it will make it more difficult to get rid of the odor). Then spray an enzymatic cleaner and sprinkle baking soda over the stain. Leave it for a while to allow baking soda to react with the urine stains and absorb the urine. Then use a clean cloth to wipe off until the stain is gone. It is recommended to directly expose the mattress to intense sunlight to ensure that the smell of urine is absolutely gone.